We help farmers to operate effectively using daily data

IrriWatch has been delivering daily data to thousands of farmers every morning since 2020. Our unique thermal-based algorithms convert simple satellite data into practical data. By measuring the leaf temperature, solar radiation, and photosynthesis, we can provide reliable data to farmers, regardless of the crop they’re growing, and without any field sensors.

Farming is a complex and challenging profession, and farmers are faced with difficult decision-making in a world of constantly changing weather, soil conditions, and crop processes. At IrriWatch, we understand these challenges and have developed tools to help farmers make informed decisions. Our subscription-based platform not only focuses on irrigation but also on crop growth, soil health, and climate conditions.

Our platform offers pixel maps with a resolution of 10 m x 10 m, as well as advanced products like a virtual tension meter and an 8-day irrigation planner. These tools enable farmers to monitor the soil and crop and manage irrigation water usage in a more precise and efficient way. With IrriWatch, farmers can make better decisions and optimize their farming operations to improve yields and profitability. We’d love to show you how IrriWatch can help you get to the root of your crop and let you improve irrigation water management and boost crop yields.

Our mission

Providing the new international standard and becoming the global leader of the next generation irrigation advisory and related digital farming services, based on thermal satellite measurement.

Our vision

Increasing the efficiency and economic productivity of irrigation system investments and reducing vulnerability to climate change.